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Green Homes Grants

Green Homes North West: Flat roof, cavity wall, Loft, underfloor, solid wall and room in roof insulation grants


Green Homes: North West

Insulation Grants are currently available as part of the Governments Green Homes Grant Scheme. The Green Homes Grant Scheme has been introduced to help tackle carbon emissions and fuel poverty in the UK by providing grant funding for energy saving measures.  If you are a homeowner or a residential landlord, you can apply for a Green Homes Grant towards the cost of installing energy saving measures such as insulation to your home.

Homeowners and landlords living in England, can access up to £5,000 to pay part of the cost of energy saving measures like home insulation. Low income households can access up to 100% of the costs of work up to £10,000 for example if a member of the household is in receipt of a qualifying benefit.

The Green Homes Grant Scheme provides funding for the following energy saving insulation measures:

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Claim for Government Green Homes Grants

Homeowners and Landlords can access grant funding to cover 2/3 of the cost of energy saving measures up to £5k. If someone living in your home is in receipt of one of the following qualifying benefits you could qualify for up to 100% grant funding with the Government Green Homes Grant Scheme:

Child Tax Credits

Working Tax Credits

Universal Credits

Job Seekers Allowance

Income Support

Pension Guarantee Credit

Disability Living Allowance

Personal Independence Payment

Attendance Allowance

Carer's Allowance

Severe Disablement Allowance

Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefits

War Pensions Mobility Supplement

Constant Attendance Allowance

Armed Forces Independence Payment
Energy savings of upto
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Energy Saving Measures

Green Homes Grant

Almost half of all heat loss from homes escapes through the walls- dramatically reduce your heating bills with up to 100% grant contribution!

Green Homes Grant

Inadequate loft insulation results in a loss of upto 25% of your homes heat. Reduce your energy bills with up to 100% grant contribution!

Green Homes Grant
under floor

Reduce heat loss from your home by upto 15% and save £££ on energy bills with up to 100% grant contribution!

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The majority of heat loss in the home is a result of inadequate insulation. Reduce your energy bills, reduce your carbon foot print and keep your home warm with Green Homes North West!


reduction in energy bills

Green Homes Grant

upto 100% Funded


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Access Green Homes Grants: IWI Internal Wall Insulation grants with E-Verve ECO available as part of the Government Green Homes Grant Scheme. To keep up to date with Eco news and Government funding updates why not subscirbe to our free newsletter. We provide access to Green Homes Grants North West and surrounding areas: Greater Manchester, Merseyside, Chester, Cheshire, Lancashire, Wigan, Warrington, Southport, Liverpool, St. Helens…..